Shinda and many other protesters said they learned about Jagtar s case on Indian television but it has recently received increased media attention following allegations of brutal torture. Mr Johat said the British government have been useless, incompetent since his brother was detained on November 4. The fact that he was abducted - he was taken away by people in plain clothes with a sack over his head. He has not been charged with a crime, but officials in India said he is being held over allegedly funding weapons used to kill Hindu leaders in Punjab. Mr Singh, from Dumbarton, Scotland, was abducted by plain clothes Indian policemen while out shopping with his newly-wed wife, according to the Sikh Federation. Mr Johat flew to India the following day but said his family members who were also in the country, including his sister-in-law and aunt, were soon forced into hiding over fears they would also be detained. His brother told the crowd Mr Singh had been subjected to third-degree torture and electric shocks Protesters, pictured, blocked the road outside the Foreign Office chanting Free Jaggi Now What do we want. Supporters also fear Mr Singh may die in police custody unless the government acts soon sex chat free punjab. Many wore branded hoodies and several of the banners showed the Brit s face over a Scottish flag. He said: I didn t want to leave, I didn t have a choice. Sikh Federation advisor Jasveer Singh added: For us it s shocking that such an act can happen, such a dereliction of international law in that somebody, a British citizen, can be abducted. He s been stripped of his rights, dignity and humanity. They were said to have put a sack over his head before holding him in a secret location then harassing other members of his family. Mr Singh s brother told the crowd: This is happening in India, a country that says there are very powerful. Hundreds of Sikh protesters marched outside the Foreign Office in Whitehall in support of a British Sikh who they claim has been abducted and tortured by police in India sex chat free punjab.

He said: We want to support him and he s one of our brothers. The British government were informed on November 4 and until today they still have not met with him.   More than 175 British MPs have expressed concern over the case. His family, his wife and relatives, in India have been harassed and intimidated and now we know he was tortured. He said police had tried to seize his brother s passport but Mr Johat was able to hand it in to British officials in India. He said: She phoned saying this has happened, we didn t know what it was, all police were saying is come this place. Baljit Singh, who travelled to today s protest with a coach of supporters from Southall, west London, said he met Jagtar through activism within the Sikh community. The Federation has urged foreign secretary Boris Johnson to meet with Mr Singh s family and pledge more action to free the Scot. Using a megaphone to address the crowd, he added: He has lived 30 years of his life in this country, if this is happening to him what rights do we have as British citizens. They say the Government has ignored the plight of Scotsman Mr Singh, known to friends and family as Jaggi, who they claim has been and subjected to body separation techniques and electric shocks. There s a level of desperation right now because a Sikh activist, regardless of nationality, has been illegally detained and tortured and the only thing that can make an immediate effect is the British government intervening. He s a British passport holder and the British embassy in Delhi has not gone to see him. We have not got the time and leisure to wait five or ten years until this gets to court. He added: Boris Johnson has failed to make any statement about this.   The UK government was widely condemned by protesters for its apparent failure to act following Jagtar s abduction by plain clothes officers in the Indian region of Punjab.

When somebody turns around and says I have been electrocuted to my ears, my nipples and my private parts, you can only imagine what he went through. He s British by birth, he s not British by acquired nationality. When you think about torture it hurts you..
. Protesters blocked the road outside the Foreign Office chanting Free Jaggi Now What do we want. Protesters also demanded an independent medical examination of Mr Singh to verify the claims of third degree police torture. The British Government has an obligation to its citizens - either we re not citizens or if we are it has to carry out its function. They have put the British government to their knees. RELATED ARTICLES Share He told how he learned his brother was taken by Indian police after his sister law phoned him from the country. He said his brother was in India after recently getting married and was snatched from the street while out with his wife. They said they want a High Commission officer assigned to the case who with liaise with Scot s family and that Boris Johnson should reach out to his Indian counterpart demanding Mr Singh s immediate release. To me they can t do their jobs - they should resign.   Today they have shown what powers they have. ...

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